Programme Accredited by:

Programme Features:
-Teaching Medium: Chinese Language

-Small tutorial class size: 16 students

-Ratio: 90% Practical - 10% Theoretical Study

-On-Job-Training (OJT): 4-month Guaranteed OJT Placement

Student Artwork – Steamed Fish with Ginger Paste

Student Artwork – Roasted Duck

Student Artwork – Modern Chinese Cuisine

Oriental Culinary Academy

Our Vision

  • Focusing on being the preferred culinary academy based on Asian Cuisine to constantly discover new talents within the industry.

Our Mission

  • To impart knowledge and skills, explore and release the potential of learners in culinary.
  • To enhance the professional growth of local chefs and to reinforce the reputation of Malaysia as one of the “Best places in the world for food”.
  • Cultivate learners to be diligent, studious, enthusiastic and confident, while also encouraging them to pursue their innovative talent in cooking.