About Us

Oriental Culinary Academy

In order to inherit and develop the Asian food culture, Oriental Culinary Academy has a kitchen with complete facilities and a group of professional chefs to provide students with the best culinary education. It is our commitment to make continuous efforts to change and innovate to meet the variety of market needs on food. This will allow learners to explore more different areas and their own possibilities in the future.

Our Vision

  • Focusing on being the preferred culinary academy based on Asian Cuisine to constantly discover new talents within the industry.

Our Mission

  • To impart knowledge and skills, explore and release the potential of learners in culinary.
  • To enhance the professional growth of local chefs and to reinforce the reputation of Malaysia as one of the “Best places in the world for food”.
  • Cultivate learners to be diligent, studious, enthusiastic and confident, while also encouraging them to pursue their innovative talent in cooking.